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The journey of Malhar Amruttulya starts from a small region in Pune. Being in the food and the restaurant industry for the past 10 years, customer satisfaction has been our motto since then. Serving our customers with the most satisfactory products is our forte.


The owners of Malhar Amruttulya Mr. Ganesh Suresh Darekar and Mr. Shyam Dilip Darekar are dynamic professionals from the corporate sector. To help the common man become a successful owner in the food industry, these two owners have started this chain and wish to take it on a high level in the coming years.


The peculiarity of Malhar Amruttulya is the variety of Tea it has to offer to its customers. Along with Tea, there are many more products that the customers can enjoy. Malhar Amruttulya's Tea tastes distinctively different from those available in the market.


Malhar Amruttulya has successfully established many branches in Mumbai and Thane region and is on an expanding spree all over Maharashtra and even on the pan India level. The credit for this success goes to all those people working hard to bring success to the brand.


The successful journey of Malhar Amruttulya is based on proper management, timely delivery, a hygienic environment, and the best service provided to its customers.

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